Programmatic DSPs Vs. Affiliate Networks

In 2022, the statistics revealed that mobile devices dominated video ad spending in the United States, accounting for 70.8%, while desktop and connected TV collectively captured 29.2%. Programmatic and display network advertising are essential components of any digital marketing plan. The critical inquiry lies in determining the optimal timing, placement, and approach for utilizing each method to enhance return on investment and achieve optimal outcomes in online advertising.

DecenterAds is joining the Bidscube ecosystem

Today we want to share some exciting news with you! We are thrilled to announce that DecenterAds is joining the Bidscube ecosystem. It's time to evolve, keeping the same values that our partners are used to!

Unlocking the Power of Programmatic Advertising: Insights into Upfronts, NewFronts, and PlayFronts

Understanding Upfront events in the programmatic advertising industry Upfront is an event hosted by a major broadcast TV network to sell commercial airtime beforehand. It started in the television industry, as broadcasters sold ad spots ahead of the forthcoming television season. Advertisers or agencies purchase ad inventory in advance, generally for many months or a year. Rather than purchasing ad impressions in real-time through real-time bidding (RTB), upfronts allow advertisers to commit to a specified amount of impressions or a fixed budget from the start.

Meet DecenterAds at the VideoWeek Villa

We are excited to announce our residential partnership with VideoWeek Villa during the Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2023, which is taking place on June 19-23.

Revolutionizing TV Advertising: The Growth and Potential of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST)

What are FAST Advertising and FAST Channels? Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) is a free internet-based TV distribution model that offers live TV channels to users without charge. FAST provides an alternative to traditional TV by displaying targeted 15-30 second ads between programs, eliminating the need for users to pay for content.

Going Green: The Carbon Footprint of Programmatic Advertising

In today's eco-conscious world, businesses must consider their environmental impact, and programmatic advertising is no exception. Recent data from the VideoWeek Sustainability Advertising Guide 2023 reveals that the industry produces over 215,000 metric tons of carbon emissions every month in five leading economies, with 60% of emissions attributed to 'ad selection emissions' due to the complex supply chain.

Programmatic Audio: The Essential Guide

Audio advertising has gained immense popularity in recent years, with digital audio content attracting a large audience. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), programmatic audio advertising is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, as marketers take advantage of the power of audio to reach consumers in new and innovative ways.

Understanding Auction Dynamics

Have you ever wondered what programmatic advertising is based upon? The answer is auction dynamics and bidding! We at DecenterAds are keenly aware of the importance of understanding how the process of buying and selling ad inventory works. And as industry experts, we wanna share this knowledge so that you also know how different auction models used in programmatic advertising can impact the advertising landscape. Sit tight and let's get started!

Most Popular Formats for Monetization: A Guide by DecenterAds

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Monetizing with DecenterAds SSP: a Comprehensive Guide

In our last post with the review of monetizing programmatic methods (btw, check it out if you’ve missed it!), we promised to spill the beans on how to monetize your website like a pro and increase your business revenue with DecenterAds SSP. Well, the wait is over! DecenterAds is the go-to programmatic platform for publishers worldwide to monetize their websites and maximize their ad revenue using various buying methods and programmatic monetization strategies.

Innovative Strategies for Monetizing Your Website: the Latest Trends and Techniques

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the monetization methods available to publishers and advertisers. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to be familiar with the latest techniques and trends. So in our new article, we’ve decided to explore some of the top monetization methods available today. Let’s dive in!

Bid Requests and Bid Responses: a short guide

Going deeper into media-buying methods, chances are that you soon run into the terms bid request and bid response. What are they, what do we need them for, and how does it all work? Let’s get it straight with the help of DecenterAds