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The Power Of Programmatic

Streaming Services are a High-impact Channel for Brands in APAC

21 April 2024

APAC video streaming has not only revolutionized the region’s film industry but also transformed consumer behavior. With the emergence of numerous platforms, viewers can now access content on any device, from mobile phones to large TV screens. This long-anticipated shift signifies an impressive change in how consumers engage with content, […]

Unlocking Success: Effective Strategies for Ad Server Management

04 April 2024

Ad servers are a part of advertising technology employed by publishers and advertisers. Their main role is to manage, distribute, and monitor online advertisements efficiently. They act as a central hub and ensure the seamless delivery of ads to website visitors and mobile app users. Ad servers are important components […]

PlayFronts 2024 Unlocking Gaming’s Advertising Potential

20 March 2024

The PlayFronts, organized by the International Advertising Bureau, is an annual event that acts as a beacon for demonstrating the potential of advertising and joint projects in the dynamic gaming field. This event aims to define the gaming landscape, highlight gaming’s effectiveness, and present creative opportunities for brands. It brings […]