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Mobile advertising market growth in 2022


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Daily mobile devices usage in 2023

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Get the most of mobile formats

With the help of the DecenterAds platform, you can launch any mobile ad format according to your strategy

As one of the most common formats, banner ads are a familiar ad format available in various sizes, static or dynamic, placed anywhere on websites and apps for brand awareness.

Native ads are the least intrusive and user-friendly format blending with website content. Effective for engagement and user acquisition, with higher click-through and lower bounce rates.

Video ads are an engaging format that captures the user's attention and drives conversions — pre/mid/post-roll ads before, during, or after the video content.

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the interface of an app or website. They're commonly displayed at transition points in the flow of an app/website, such as between activities or during the pause.

Enchanced mobile ads capabilities

Wide range of mobile targeting options

Empower mobile advertising with broader targeting options

  • County and geo-city targeting
  • Wide list of available mobile devices
  • Browser and OS version targeting
  • Carrier targeting option

Cross-device targeting capabilities

Deliver a comprehensive brand experience by reaching customers across all their devices

  • Maximum potential customers reach
  • Efficient cross-device campaigns
  • More audience data to analyze

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