is a self-service platform

that helps you achieve your advertising goals by using various optimization tools for campaigns
For brands and agencies
– You can reach your target audience anywhere in the world

– We guarantee brand safety: your ads are shown on legal sources only

– With the CPM model, you can receive the required number of impressions
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For advertisers and business owners
– You can find your target audience with a wide variety of targeting tools and automated rules

– Support 24/7

– You are protected from fraudulent traffic
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DecenterAds has a lot of high-quality traffic, and the performance of the ads always exceeds expectations. Our managers can quickly respond to our requests to solve all problems encountered.
Global Media Buying Group, Trading lead
Been working with the DecenterAds from the past year, we can see more than 50% growth. We get the best from them effectively and efficiently with quick response to get the queries solved
Viren Rathod
Adstore Media, Sales Team Leader


No fraud is guaranteed by our own ad security tool. Also we cooperate with such leading scanners as:

DecenterAds is a platform that was designed to help you achieve your goals

Exclusive traffic sources and reliable partners -1 January 1970

Your ads are placed only on legal websites and apps

Multi-format platform -1 January 1970

Our platform allows you to use banner, video, CTV, native and audio ad formats

Additional analytics -1 January 1970

Our platform is connected to Adjust and AppsFlyer services that provide detailed analytics

Accessibility -1 January 1970

By using our platform, you get access to all our supply partners’ inventory

Convenient payment options -1 January 1970

Wire transfer, PayPal, Credit card

In-house supply team -1 January 1970

Our team searches for traffic based on your personal request

Technology -1 January 1970

We use the latest technologies of the OpenRTB and IAB standards, as well as other software solutions that provide great opportunities for our clients

Ad campaign optimization -1 January 1970

You can use automated rules that help you optimize campaigns based on the specified metrics and set goals

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