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Our state of art platform is not designed around a single in-house blockchain but plugs into any existing blockchain for different purposes. We do not settle for one, we choose the best depending on the task. Prominent teams are working on the end-to-end solutions for the Smart Contracts, Advertising Tokens, Transparency and so on, we try to be a gateway to all of them for our client.
We’ve built DeCenterAds from the scratch with a full-transparency and the whole new ecosystem in mind. Blockchain changed the industry forever and it’s an emerging trend. Simply re-building your old platform is not enough. It’s not even right to call it a platform anymore. We call it a mechanism that builds in the new and emerging blockchain protocols.

OpenRTB 3.0
and up Epoch advertising environment

Our technology was built from the scratch with the respect to the latest OpenRTB protocol. Things change, we are the change. Back compatibility - no problem with that. Full transparency? - out of the box. We do not try to overcomplicate things, making it with the user-focused philosophy in mind. Before building our platform we interviewed the most prominent minds of the industry asking what do they want from the next AdTech Environment. And the answer was: simplicity, cost reduction, transparency. We have it all.

No more DSP/SSP/DMP business -
all in one and much more.

Tired of going in circles? We feel your pain.Plug-and-play any platform you have, as an environment we can work with everything. You are not in the blockchain yet, no problem, we can work with you. We support all the existing formats. Header bidding? Server-side, Mobile, Holistic? Peace of cake, we have it all, we know how to orchestrate it all for you.

Access Every Existing Ad format - Custom Included

Rewarded video
Native video
In-content In-banner
Native In-Feed Display
Native In-Feed Mobile
Native In-Feed Video
Banner Ads
Standard banners
Rich Media
Connected TV
15-Second Video Ad
30-Second Video Ad
Mobile Rich
Media Mobile banner ads
In-app advertising
Mobile Native
Mobile video

Blockchain Ad Stack
at Your Disposal

Don’t pay for expensive consultants telling obvious things Ask us

There is no magic out there. People are trying to overcomplicate things to make you pay more. Tired paying for fancy offices and showing off, talk to us. We know the business from every side. No matter what are you trying to achieve, your goal is special and probably won’t have a single answer. Talk to us, we will tell you what to look at so you know how to detect fraud from a real thing. You have a bold idea? Let’s make it together.

We have all the inventory you need. Have something unique?We will pay more

We love our advertisers but our true passion is - helping publishers focus on what they do best - storytelling. Our daily routine is to onboard and educate as many publishers as possible. Yes, they are direct, yes they are premium and yes they want to tell your brand's story. We are more than selective, having in-house tools helping us go through not only the ads.txt, but to unspin the direct relationships as well. We know how to DeDublicate all the users and find the best fit for your campaigns.

Make ROBOTS Slave for your campaigns

AI end-to-end. That is important. We have in-house developed: Pacer, De-Duplicator, Adaptivity, Bid and Margin mechanisms, Goal-Optimizers, CPM, CPI, CPA boosters, Viewability and so much more. It’s most of the time free or cheap. Smart-contracts for reducing the transactional costs. You have your own smart-contract environment? Let’s marry it with what we have.

GDPR is important and it’s just the beginning Respecting the Law

When many are scared about the GDPR, we are celebrating. Now the real game begins. We were building our platform knowing it will come another day. So we do not store, we use blockchain to track the explicit consent where possible and of course we double-check everything and try to police all the users piping through our platform. No more DMP fraud, we will ask every DMP where did they get this information in your favor.