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Who we are?

DecenterAds is an advertising tech platform that offers efficient solutions for supply and demand. More than 250 companies already use our programmatic advertising and digital technologies, so we have been providing comprehensive advertising services for 10 years.

Our technology solutions target customers in various sectors like automotive, IT, telecommunications, entertainment, and finance, helping increase revenues. Our tools effectively manage advertising flow for businesses of all sizes. We started as a DSP for brands, companies, and service providers, later expanding to include an SSP for website owners and an AdExchange for ad buying and placement processes.

We prioritize our partners' needs, building an ecosystem that balances traffic demand and trust. With personalized service, we understand our partners' challenges and tailor solutions accordingly. Collaborating closely with advertisers, publishers, broadcasters, and rights holders, we deliver the best results. Our oRTB technology is highly promising in the programmatic industry, supporting all versions of the OpenRTB protocol for faster bidding and transparency.

We offer top ad formats (banner, CTV/OTT, audio, video, native) and cover all traffic types (in-app, desktop, mobile web) for maximum efficiency. We continually innovate to meet partners' needs while maintaining honesty, quality, and respect.

Our Priorities


Our team is aimed to maximize publishers’ audience value at the same time providing highly efficient services for our clients from demand side in order to reach their goals in promotion of their brands.


We don’t stand aside from innovations and use the latest technologies, including AI, Blockchain, OpenRTB 3.0, Header Bidding, SDK and JS Tags, to serve high quality ads and reach the most relevant audiences.


Our clients can get reports of running their campaigns or managing their inventory in real time. Estimate results anytime it’s needed.

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