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With the help of the latest industry standards and leading traffic-checking technology, DecenterAds ensures safe advertising environment for your brand and campaigns

How do we ensure the best traffic quality?

White Listing & Black Listing

Choose your own way to advertise

  • Block any undesirable resources
  • Use whitelisting for even more accurate advertising
  • Set a proactive approach to your brand’s security

Private Marketplace & Programmatic Direct

Get access to verified-only ad inventory

  • Display ads on a publisher’s top web pages
  • Ensure the best audience reach
  • Be assured of quality placement

Manual Traffic Checking

DecenterAds prevents any fraudulent activity by relying not only on technology but also on old-fashioned manual traffic monitoring.

  • Get extra data analysis
  • Be secure of discrepancies
  • Team of 20+ account managers

IAB Standards Compliant

The latest industry standards to ensure the result

  • IAB audience taxonomy
  • Standardized bid requests and responses
  • Constant technology development
  • Transparency and consent framework

Our commitment to the transparent and safe programmatic environment

CCPA & GDPR Compliant Platform

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The Power Of Programmatic

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