The Shifting Paradigm: APAC’s Influence on the Future of Advertising and Media


15 August 2023

The IAB SEA+India empowers and enables the media and marketing industries to flourish in the digital economy. Its members are future-focused advertisers, publishers, brands, creative agencies, educators, and technology firms. They become part of an industry association with some of the ecosystem’s most influential minds and brands. DecenterAds holds membership in the IAB SEA+India.

According to DoubleVerify’s 2023 Global Insights Report, in 2022, social networks successfully reached 54% of the global population. People worldwide now dedicate an average of two hours and 27 minutes daily to engaging with social channels. By 2025, analysts project global spending on Connected TV will be nearly equal to traditional multichannel platforms like cable and satellite television. As we see, CTV is becoming a leading channel for consumers and advertisers, so measurement and protection are becoming increasingly important.

For two consecutive years, APAC has consistently achieved one of the highest Video Viewability rates (85%) globally, which has caught the attention of the IAB SEA+India. The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Southeast Asia and India acknowledges this as an industry trend and highlights that it signifies the quality of inventory purchased by advertisers who utilize verification.

These statistics present an opportunity for advertisers who prioritize attention in their campaigns. With the lowest fraud/SIVT rates and a relatively lower brand suitability violation rate than other regions, APAC offers a promising landscape for advertisers seeking a high-quality, brand-safe environment.

  • Despite a 7% increase in fraud/SIVT rates in APAC, it remains the lowest globally.
  • Southeast Asia stabilized with a fraud/SIVT rate of 1.5%.
  • Indonesia and the Philippines experienced a decrease in fraud/SIVT rates by 30% and 13%, respectively.
  • Thailand saw a significant increase of 142% in fraud/SIVT rates.
  • Japan and India had notable increases of 68% and 95% in fraud/SIVT rates, respectively.
  • Japan’s increase was primarily due to fraud violations on mobile applications (up 298%), while India’s increase was on desktops (up 234%).
  • Overall, APAC experienced a 2% decrease in the brand suitability violation rate.
  • In Southeast Asia, the brand suitability violation rate increased by 7%.

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