Programmatic Strategy: 6 Ideas For A Perfect Christmas

30 Nov 2022
Programmatic Strategy: 6 Ideas For A Perfect Christmas

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we’re all counting the days until Christmas. For advertisers and publishers, of course, there is a lot more to wait for than the tree, the presents, and Christmas carols; December with its titular holiday is one of the greatest spending seasons of the year. What to expect from Christmas Eve 2022, and how to boost your advertising strategies to the max? Tune in to DecenterAds’ guide and learn! 

1. Start now and work up the momentum 

With online advertising, you don’t need to wait until the Christmas lights shine on the streets to start backing the holiday spirit with your offers. It would be smart to start early – next week after Black Friday sales are over – and gradually build intensity throughout the month. 

However, don’t wait til the very last day to maximize the Christmas discounts. Our stats from 2021 show that the number of ad impressions per day reached its peak of 100+ million on December 18 and 23. CPM indicators reached their maximum on December 22 and dropped by 6% the next day, stabilizing on December 24-25. Requests per day peaked on December 20-21. 

Advertisers and publishers alike should take all these details into account, creating their Christmas strategies. and implementing them on DecenterAds DSP or SSP, respectively.

2. Publishers, get your websites ready for Christmas deals

The impeccable performance of your sites before the holiday season is a must that is not even up for discussion. However, other points should be reviewed simultaneously with the introduction of Christmas sales.

Upcoming Christmas is the perfect occasion to review the CPM floors in your SSP cabinet. Watch your fill rates and adjust the floor by +- 10 cents to get the maximum results. It is also a good idea to run a private auction with a really high target CPM. With competition all around and tight as never before, raising the stakes before Christmas is a completely justified step.

Functionality-wise, make sure to make options like BNPL and BOPIS available to your potential customers. Buy-now-pay-later mechanic has been gaining popularity throughout the last few years and is expected to drive around 8% of Xmas purchases in 2022. Buy online, pick in-store mechanics, which grants people more flexibility and a priceless opportunity to check out their purchase first-hand, is in even more demand: this year, we are likely to see it in up to 35% of orders.

3. Advertisers, opt for the most effective formats and channels 

It’s not a huge discovery, but to get the best Xmas sales you have to effectively reach quite a large audience. In 2022, there are no better ways to do that than mobile in-app CTV ads

Why? First of all, this market is simply huge. According to LG stats, 4 in 5 US consumers enjoy ad-supported apps for their content. With the viewability of the in-app ads reaching almost 80% last year, it’s safe to say this is the most engaging and performative type of ads nowadays. Even the higher prices compared to banners and other more “traditional” options are fully justified by the CTR indicators.

4. Prepare the deals that’d beat Walmart Xmas sales

Wondering what are the best Christmas gifts of 2022? Checking out the forecasts from Forbes, Adobe, and CNN, we can see a surprisingly similar picture. 

Topping the list are Christmas decorations: quality artificial Christmas trees, candles, pillows – basically anything you’d bring home from a Home Depot Xmas sales haul. Then, of course, there are toys: advent calendars, board and digital games, Lego kits, gaming devices, etc. The third popular category would be beauty and care products such as Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, Mela & Kera 8.5 oz. Touche Velours Shampoo, Ouai Cleansing Scalp & Body Sugar Scrub, Glam Up Sheet Mask Set, Esarora Ice Roller, etc. Sporting goods and jewelry are also often picked up as a gift option. 

At the same time, clothes in general, as well as more massive home decorations such as rugs are not the best choice for this season. 

Everyone who worries that all those recession talks would reflect on the Christmas profits, be at ease: according to Adobe, the consumer spend patterns and volumes are not forecasted to change this year. So don’t be shy with your budgets too.

5. Utilize the day after Xmas 

Despite the Christmas break that happens in the majority of indicators right on the day of the event, you shouldn’t miss out on the deals of December 26-31. People are buying right up to New Year’s eve, and you can make use of this period with the good day after Xmas sales and sweet discounts that the users won’t be able to resist. To squeeze it to its peak, though, don’t forget to implement our 2 key tips for high-performing creatives

6. Use the pause smartly 

Christmas sums up the high-spend holiday season of Q4 and is inevitably followed by a decrease in activity at the beginning of the year – comparative, of course, but still. Many advertisers and publishers deem this period quite useless and choose to relax and unwind before the new high-spend dates, like Valentine’s day in February. However, we at DecenterAds strongly recommend utilizing the downtime as smartly as possible and analyzing all the data gathered throughout the last holiday campaigns. Seeing your ups and downs and comparing it with average market stats can bring you a great deal of information, crucial to the success of future campaigns. Don’t waste this chance! 

If you need any assistance with the gathering of statistics from your campaigns or an expert take on any of your own Christmas ideas, contact our support anytime, 24/7/365. Return to the DecenterAds blog for more insights in the future, and – merry Christmas sales y’all!


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