2 key tips for high-performing creatives


27 August 2022

How do you make sure your ads have just the right impact? Long before the A/B testing stage, there are these 2 essential tips to take your ads up a level!

Size of your ads is important

Analyzing thousands of successful campaigns, we at DecenterAds derived and standardized the creatives’ sizes that drive the highest traffic:

  • 320х50, 300х250, 320х480 for banners
  • starting from 300х250 for native ads
  • 1920×1080, 320х480, 480х320, 300х250 for videos

Note: you can download a bigger image/video and select a smaller creative size to make sure the ad will look good on screens with higher pixel density.

Good news for DecenterAds users: after creatives are uploaded, our system scans them for errors and quality checks for all key metrics that must meet advertising standards. So pay attention to notifications – they are there to help.

Text should be clear and sharp

Thinking of creatives’ quality, people often concentrate too much on the visuals. The textual part, however, is as important, especially a good CTA. The basic best practices are the following:

  • use imperatives to clearly indicate the desired action
  • don’t pressure: create value rather than urge commitment
  • combine persuasive language with great design to make it pop

Want more tips on high-performing creatives?

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