Getting Started: DecenterAds DSP API Integration


27 September 2022

A little earlier, we announced the availability of the API integration of our DSP for convenient remote management of campaigns and creatives. Let’s dive in and learn how to set up and use it!

To get started, integrate a custom attribution link into your application/website servers.

The template looks like this:

  • For campaign management / api_integration / campaign / ?token = {token}&cid = {campaign_id} &isActive = {status}

  • For creative management / api_integration / campaign / ?token ={token} &cid = {campaign_id}&crid = {creative_id}&isActive = {status}

– and you add your custom data inside all {} to complete it.

Where do I get my unique data for the application link?

Just shoot a request to your Account Manager, and we’ll get it for you.

After API integration is complete, test the integration by creating your first GET request to change the campaign and/or creative status. The changes should be visible in your personal account immediately.

If everything is going smoothly, congrats! Use your API and manage your campaigns and creatives remotely without logging in to your DecenterAds account every time.

If you have questions about API integration setup, message our Tech Support Team anytime. Literally, any time: we are working with your requests at



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