Empowering Brands with The Art of DOOH Campaigns


13 September 2023

Digital out-of-home advertising has emerged as a potent and efficient tool for agencies, elevating their advertising endeavors while captivating consumers through distinct and compelling means. In contrast to conventional static billboards and posters, DOOH strategically employs digital displays positioned in public spaces to disseminate dynamic and precisely targeted content. Among the various DOOH formats, digital billboards stand out as the most prevalent. Based on the information of Businessinsider, provided by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the count of digital billboards in the United States surged to 9,600 in the first half of 2020, marking a noteworthy upswing from the 6,700 recorded in 2016 – a remarkable 43.3% escalation over this relatively brief span of years.

When it comes to programmatic digital out-of-home, your audience lacks the choice to opt-out. However, the intricacies of devising a triumphant campaign extend far beyond mere ad creation. With an extensive array of digital placements spread throughout the United States, coupled with the projected investment in DOOH ad expenditure from $7.4 billion in 2020 to a projected $15.9 billion by 2027, demand for programmatic DOOH ads is going to continue growing.


DOOH Relevance in Our Days

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, certain advertising avenues were put on hold, and DOOH stood as a notable illustration of such affected channels. With individuals constrained in their mobility within public spaces, the significance of outdoor advertising became less relevant. In the preceding year, a mere 4% of budgets, on average, were allocated to this particular channel. Yet, the tides are shifting, and over seventy-five percent of advertisers intend to amplify their allocations for DOOH. We have reflected on this in more detail in our trend predictions 2023.

Programmatic digital out-of-home advertising has transformed from its traditional static form of billboards and posters into a dynamic, interactive, and data-driven medium for communication. The significance of DOOH in contemporary times is rooted in its capacity to provide captivating, data-informed, and location-specific advertising encounters. Through seamless integration with technology, immediate content updates, and interactive functionalities, DOOH emerges as a potent instrument for brands to forge substantial and resonant connections with their desired audiences. As consumer tendencies and inclinations continue to develop, DOOH will probably remain an indispensable element of contemporary advertising strategies

So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of digital out-of-home.


Advantages of DOOH

Budget-friendly strategy for advertisers operating on limited funds

In the realm of advertising, conventional out-of-home tactics, like billboards and posters, frequently come hand in hand with substantial production and upkeep expenditures. However, a refreshing alternative, DOOH, emerges to usher in a new era of adaptability and cost-effectiveness. By harnessing the potential of digital screens and dynamic content, agencies gain the power to effortlessly refresh and reshape their advertisements, eliminating the costly requirement for reprints. This newfound agility empowers resource-conscious agencies to amplify their advertising endeavors and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry giants on a more balanced and equitable terrain. In essence, DOOH paints a canvas where creativity and budget-friendliness harmoniously coexist, offering a promising landscape for brands of all sizes to thrive.


Capacity to craft tailored advertising messages

Personalization has risen to a paramount position in the realm of effective marketing strategies. In this regard, DOOH advertising stands as a dynamic avenue, offering agencies the invaluable capability to craft individualized advertising narratives. Armed with cutting-edge data analytics and real-time audience intelligence, agencies can meticulously tailor their ads, aligning them with distinct demographics, geographic contexts, and even prevailing weather conditions. This elevated degree of customization serves as a potent catalyst, empowering agencies to deliver content that resonates profoundly and captivates the focus of their intended viewers. Through skillful personalized communication, agencies forge resilient connections with consumers, elevating their campaigns’ overall impact and efficacy to new heights.


Location-tailored media facilitates targeting precise audiences within public environments

DOOH advertising harnesses the power of location-based media, empowering agencies to connect with precise audiences within public spheres seamlessly. Whether it’s a bustling shopping haven, a transport nexus, or an alluring tourist hotspot, strategically positioned digital displays in these domains naturally draw in a diverse tapestry of individuals. Within this captivated milieu, agencies have a unique opportunity to craft finely honed messages, tailoring them to the specific context and needs of the moment. By embracing this dynamic landscape, agencies can masterfully channel their content’s resonance and relevance, thereby forging a profound and lasting impact on the onlooking audience.


Proficiency in handling dynamic content compared to static images

A standout characteristic of pDOOH advertising lies in its ability to embrace dynamic content instead of static visuals. This vibrant dynamic usher in fresh avenues for imaginative expression and audience engagement. Agencies can enrapture their viewers through motion graphics, animations, videos, and interactive components and provide experiences that linger in memory. The inherent liveliness of dynamic content amplifies the likelihood of seizing attention and etching a lasting mark upon spectators, in stark contrast to conventional static imagery. By wholeheartedly adopting dynamic content within pDOOH campaigns, agencies not only differentiate themselves from the competition but also craft an advertising environment that immerses and interacts with the audience on a profound level.


How to Make DOOH Campaigns Successful?

Set SMART Goals

The foundation of every triumphant advertising campaign is rooted in well-defined goal statements. Employing the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) approach to goal setting is advisable to ensure clarity and precision. By adhering to this methodology, you instill your objectives with the clearness, concentration, and impetus essential for their successful attainment.


Research Your Target Audience

Develop intricate customer personas, delving into their requirements alongside biographical intricacies encompassing age, income, gender, profession, job status, and marital situation. The heightened granularity in your depictions facilitates the seamless creation of precisely aimed DOOH advertisements, empowering you to determine the optimal timing and placement for broadcasting astutely. Cultivating an intimate understanding of your target clientele enables you to seamlessly integrate with the allure of programmatic DOOH advertising, unleashing its transformative potential.


A Great Call to Action (CTA)

After defining your objectives and pinpointing your desired audience, the next step is determining the action you want them to take. DOOH placements strategically position themselves in high-traffic locales, catering to your audience’s perpetual mobility. Given the brevity of their attention span, your Call to Action must be memorable and effortlessly actionable. Remember, a CTA isn’t solely tied to purchases but frequently entails guiding your audience toward a particular action.


Choose the Right DOOH Format

Armed with well-crafted content and a compelling CTA, your attention shifts to the format selection. Do you envision a grand billboard, a conspicuous eye-level display, a presence within a bustling mall, or perhaps another avenue entirely?

Within the realm of DOOH, an array of formats awaits your selection:

  • Digital Billboards
  • Transit Screens
  • Street Furniture
  • Location-Based Digital Signage
  • Elevator Screens

Each format presents unique opportunities to engage your audience effectively.



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