What is a video completion rate?

19 Sep 2022
What is a video completion rate?

According to all forecasts, in 2022, Video Ads will surpass non-video formats in programmatic ad spend. And given an ongoing trend in video advertising and the growth of platforms like Tik Tok and Reels, the video will only gain a share of programmatic display.

That’s why it’s increasingly important not only to expand the presence of video ads in your campaigns but also to understand the most influential video ad metrics – in particular, VCR.

VCR, or video completion rate (some sources also use an alternative name of VTR, view-through rate), shows the percentage of times when users watched the video to the end from the total number of impressions.

Why is VCR a big deal?

Basically, this metric tells you how engaging – and thus, effective – your video ad is. But to elaborate:

  • SM platforms (Social Media) tend to drive more traffic to brands that create more high-VCR videos;
  • Higher VCR means higher performance and ROI (however, it is best to use VCR in combination with other metrics like video viewability to get more precise results) VCR metrics are a square one in decoding the effectiveness of your video content, and we highly recommend you get acquainted with them at DecenterAds.

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