Meet DecenterAds SSP!


09 November 2022

In addition to DSP, we offer a superb Supply-Side Platform that is integrated with the largest demand sources and allows publishers to monetize their traffic in the most profitable way. With our flexible inventory settings, publishers have full control over pricing, blocking, and ad creatives.

If your resource supports VAST tags integration and/or has In-app Video or CTV inventory available, you are more than welcome to join DecenterAds SSP.

There are 2 easy ways to become our Publisher:

  • Email us at Our sales team will get you through all details, help you with paperwork, and appoint a dedicated Account Manager to help you set up the tags.

  • Fill in the “Contact Us” form on You can leave just a request or all of your questions regarding the SSP at once! Our managers will contact you, provide you with all the necessary information, and help to set up everything from start to finish.

Hope to hear from you soon, our future top Publisher!

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