Ad Fraud: How to Prevent, Identify and Eliminate It


29 September 2022

In 2022, the ad fraud cost is predicted to reach $120 billion!

For our industry, record fraud losses are a pressing issue, as DSPs are often fraudsters’ first targets as the starting point of the advertisers’ work. To prevent, identify, and eliminate fraud, it’s critical to stay informed on the fraud features. So without further ado – let’s get into it!

What kinds of fraud traffic are there?

You might have heard abbreviations like GIVT (General Invalid Traffic) and SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic). As the names hint, GIVT is somewhat simple fraudulent traffic generated by bots, while SIVT is more intricate and imitates human behavior on the net. The latter also requires a more serious approach and complex tools to detect and eliminate.

What are most often-used fraudulent techniques?

Fraud methods can be based on click fraud (click injections, click spam), ad fraud (ad injection, ad stacking, ad pixelation), downloads, and much more.

Which platforms are most susceptible to fraud?

Sadly, all of them. Given how profitable fraud is for the fraudsters, they invented various ways to attack both web advertising and ads in mobile apps for Android and iOS. The effectiveness varies, but no platform is safe.

How to prevent, identify, and eliminate fraud?

There are many techniques of different complexity levels: from statistical-based spam detection and prebid and post-bid analysis to user data analytic tools. Given the constant evolution of fraud techniques, anti-fraud is better left to reliable expert partners. E.g. we at DecenterAds work with top providers The Media Trust and Pixalate to safeguard your digital ad experience.

Fraud prevention is paramount for the entire industry, so collective measures are also being taken. As such, the ads.txt protocol was created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to help ensure that digital ad inventories are only sold through authorized sellers.

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