Mastering Campaign Efficiency with DecenterAds Bid Price Multipliers


15 July 2023

A Bid Price Multiplier is a tool that aims to improve DSP campaigns and optimize a bid’s price. Since this cutting-edge feature’s inception, DecenterAds has seen its partners in the Asia-Pacific region – encompassing Singapore, India, China, and Japan – reaping the rewards of this innovative offering with the help of our DSP. Notably, they have noticed a tenfold surge in their trading value. Bid multipliers serve the strategic objective of optimizing advertising investments by tailoring bids to maximize return on advertising spend. This entails allocating higher bids to premium placements that yield greater value while economizing on less effective placements.

How Does DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multiplier Work?

Within the framework of a specific company, a basic bid serves as the anchor, while the DecenterAds’ BPM introduces dynamic bid adjustments based on various parameters. 

  • Consider the prime hours of the day matched with periods of lower traffic. Use the Bid Price Multiplier – a strategic tool that empowers you to boost traffic during peak hours, ensuring you capture maximum demand while optimizing bids to economize during less active hours. It’s all about smart resource allocation for optimal results.
  • For a more astute and efficient approach to advertising during peak hours, consider the customization of ad schedules. By tailoring the time of day, you can ensure your ads are displayed only during the most strategic intervals. 
  • For greater control, the DecenterAds Bid Price Multiplier feature empowers to finely tune bidding strategy, amplifying or diminishing bids within designated ad schedules and aligning advertising efforts with precision. It’s the key to optimizing the campaign’s impact.
  • Moreover, a more streamlined approach of our precisely designed tool allows running the same campaign across different countries, eliminating the need for multiple campaigns tailored to each country. Instead, one multiplier comes into play, dynamically adjusting the base bids based on country, device, and chosen bundle.

Efficiency Through Integration

For instance, within your array of bundles or apps from which advertisers procure traffic, some excel while others underperform. Typically, the underperforming ones lack multipliers and necessitate the creation of separate campaigns on isolated lists, commanding lower prices due to their limited traffic acquisition. Thanks to Bid Price Multipliers designed and implemented by Decenterds’ development team, you can merge these efforts into a single campaign. Instead of employing bulky black-and-white listings, you can use a developed by us multiplier to categorize top-performing bundles, where traffic within a company commands a higher price and, in turn, stimulates increased traffic acquisition. Conversely, bundles with weaker performance receive lower pricing, streamlining and enhancing your campaign’s overall efficiency.

As a result of many years of work, DecenterAds’ exclusive Bid Price Multipliers make granularity to bundle interactions, moving away from a binary approach and allowing for a spectrum of variants, starkly contrasting the black-and-white listing methods.

Mastering Campaign Efficiency with DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multipliers

Mastering Campaign Efficiency with DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multipliers

Examples in Action

Bid Price Multipliers are a system allowing the creation of lists of coefficients linked to a bundle or domain tied to a campaign to change its default bid depending on the parameters.

Our platform users can customize the settings for each campaign:

  • A bundle or domain must be specified
  • Specify the coefficient

The bid price sent by the SSP will be multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the bundle. This way, you can reduce or increase the bid thanks to our innovative development.


Domain –
Coefficient  – 2
Bid price – $0.5
For this domain, the bid price will be 0.5 * 2 = 1$.

Thanks to our optimization algorithms, we reduce the amount of low-quality ad traffic, resulting in significant savings in computational resources. When integrated with our technology, programmatic advertising performance is enhanced. If configured correctly, the DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multiplier tool identifies bundles or apps that yield minimal conversions. It then seamlessly adds these underperforming sites or apps to a list, which can be instantly integrated into your campaign. As a result, your campaign will no longer bid on traffic originating from these less productive sources. Furthermore, Bid Price Multiplier can be seamlessly integrated with auto rules available on the platform, providing you with enhanced control and precision in managing your advertising efforts.


If there are less than 100 clicks on a specific bundle in 7 days, this bundle and the coefficient are automatically added to the Bid Price Multipliers.

Wrapping Up

DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multipliers offer a powerful tool for optimizing DSP campaigns, resulting in a tenfold surge in trading value for partners in the Asia-Pacific region. This feature enables precise bid adjustments based on various parameters, allowing dynamic bidding during peak hours and efficient resource allocation. Customization of ad schedules and country-specific bidding further enhances campaign efficiency. The ability to categorize bundles and domains with different coefficients adds granularity and flexibility to campaign management. Overall, DecenterAds’ Bid Price Multipliers provide a sophisticated and efficient approach to maximizing return on advertising spend and campaign impact.




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