Maximize your ROI

Our visual content ad formats delivers high CTRs by using real-time data analysis and dynamic optimization measurements. We optimize your ads’ viewability, traffic quality and engagement rates in order to get the best results for your campaigns.

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Place Your Ads Wisely

Our platform ensures high viewability to maximize touch points with your target market by continuously optimizing your ad placements. Our visual content platform creates deeper connections to your brand by placing your ads natively in the center of users attention

Brand Safe

Our sophisticated programmatic platform matches your ads with premium worldwide publishers Sites are carefully selected based on our advertisers’ targeting preferences to ensure greater relevancy and engagement

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Why Us?

Gain access to Easy mob’s direct publisher network and scale up traffic through our direct partners and RTB exchanges.

Tap into our publisher network or connect with app discovery network, we will provide you a turnkey solution when it comes to dominating the app stores.

Detailed reporting and MACROS available for your optimization needs. Support available for all major tracking solutions.

Gain 100% viewability of your ads by real-human users from premium websites. Spend your ad budget only on traffic that can work for you.

Targeting and receive users according to all available device and location-based targeting events.

Setup and launch any type campaign with a variety of creative ad units including banners, rotating JS tags and pops as well as custom in-house ad units.


Superfast and supereasy way to advertise your brand


Create an advertisers account. Give us some initial info on your company and yourself so we can keep you posted. Activate your account with the funds added to spend with Decenterads DSP

Set up your targeting to reach appropriate audience and add the most attractive ad creatives (banner, native or video pre roll)
Get the most detailed statistics on your ads and optimize your campaigns. Ask for help of our Account Managers at

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