Getting Started: DecenterAds DSP API Integration

27 September 2022

A little earlier, we announced the availability of the API integration of our DSP for convenient remote management of campaigns and creatives. Let’s dive in and learn how to set up and use it! To get started, integrate a custom attribution link into your application/website servers. The template looks like […]

What is a video completion rate?

19 September 2022

According to all forecasts, in 2022, Video Ads will surpass non-video formats in programmatic ad spend. And given an ongoing trend in video advertising and the growth of platforms like Tik Tok and Reels, the video will only gain a share of programmatic display. That’s why it’s increasingly important not only to expand the presence of […]

2 key tips for high-performing creatives

27 August 2022

How do you make sure your ads have just the right impact? Long before the A/B testing stage, there are these 2 essential tips to take your ads up a level! Size of your ads is important Analyzing thousands of successful campaigns, we at DecenterAds derived and standardized the creatives’ sizes that […]


23 August 2022

You don’t need to micromanage every campaign to get the best results Leave it to Decenterads’ DSP automated rules, and challenge yourself with something fun instead! Set up auto rules in 5 easy steps: to create a rule, click “+” name a rule and choose the source type clarify the rule time […]

CTV: everything you need to know

02 August 2022

In our previous blog post, we told you everything about OTT services and OTT ads, slightly touching upon CTV – a closely related yet completely different topic. The time has come to dive in and figure out what CTV is, how you can reach your audience through this channel, and why you should be […]

OTT advertising and all the ways it can benefit you

30 July 2022

About one-quarter of the Earth’s population uses OTT services that offer access to live streams of such channels like HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc. Can you even imagine? An audience of 1.88 billion people, open to your ads. Are you already reaching them? If not, it’s time to get acquainted with […]