DMEXCO 2022 x DecenterAds: recap

DecenterAds x DMEXCO: 2022 recap

A return to offline after two years of distancing just had to be epic. And so it was! DecenterAds team was thrilled to be a part of this major event, finally seeing people face to face and having the opportunity to dive right into networking and all the exciting insights the industry has produced. 

Having come back home and analyzed all insights, we are ready to bring you the best of the best from Dmexco 2022.

Precise targeting is a must

Why are consumers more critical of online advertising? Because you are reached where you do not necessarily want to be reached. It is joining the conversation at the wrong time. And that's a disruptive factor,” said Shanine Chaudhry from Kantar.

Uwe Storch (We Are Era), Olaf Peters-Kim (Welect GmbH), Shanine Chaudhry (Kantar) Moderation: Catrin Bialek (Horizont), MEDIA STAGE
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The digital TV industry presents new opportunities 

"I think it's also a lot about simplicity," said Carol Starr from Pluto TV on the latest trends and developments in the digital TV industry. 

Vincent Flood (VideoWeek), Constanze Gilles (Zattoo Deutschland GmbH), Gregor Fellner (Rakuten Advertising), Carol Starr (Pluto TV), Malte Hildebrandt (Screenforce)
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After getting the Integral Ad Science Yannis Dosios and Samsung Ads Christian Russ' insights on CTV in Europe, we cannot agree more.

Nick Welch ( Integral Ad Science), Lindsay Wiles (YAHOO!), Timo Schulte (PubMatic) James Collins (Rakuten Advertising), Masterclass
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The new era of cookies continues to stir up the talk

"The change in cookies is a big challenge. We want to test and learn while the cookie is still out there. You don‘t want to learn while you‘re steering off the cliff," said Simon Halstead, Yahoo

"The most important thing in the future without third-party cookies is first-party data," stressed Rasmus Giese, United Internet Media GmbH.

Fraud reduction is progressing

Fraud breaks the game for both publishers and advertisers, but fraud prevention and elimination methods are on the rise. "There is a veritable goldmine of opportunity in fraud reduction. You are not powerless against this stuff!" - reassured Grant Simmons from Kochava.

Grant Simmons (VP, Foundry, KOCHAVA), John Bovich (Partner, Reed Smith, LLP)
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A moment to catch a breath 

VideoWeek x DMEXCO networking dinner provided an excellent opportunity to unwind between the first and second days of the conference. Having supported the special event, we enjoyed the night along with our partners and friends from the industry. 

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Now that we are back home, we are already converting all the networking and learnings from Dmexco 2022 into improving the DesenterAds platform. Stay tuned for more insights and data from us!

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