About DecenterAds


DecenterAds is a programmatic advertising platform that provides highly effective solutions both for supply and demand side. At our platform we’ve gathered thousands of companies which have already felt all the benefits of programmatic advertising and the latest digital solutions. Our task is to provide companies with the awareness of their brand to their target audiences and monetize products of publishers and app owners. We guide our clients through all the stages of our service — from account activation to estimation of results.

Our Priorities

CLIENTS Our team is aimed to maximize publishers’ audience value at the same time providing highly efficient services for our clients from demand side in order to reach their goals in promotion of their brands.
TECHNOLOGY We don’t stand aside from innovations and use the latest technologies, including AI, Blockchain, OpenRTB 3.0, Header Bidding, SDK and JS Tags, to serve high quality ads and reach the most relevant audiences.
TRANSPARENCY Our clients can get reports of running their campaigns or managing their inventory in real time. Estimate results anytime it’s needed.